Fully Managed M4350-48G4XF (GSM4352)
48x1G PoE+ (236W base, up to 1,440W) | 4xSFP+

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NETGEAR GSM4352 | 48x1G PoE+ @236W (up to 1,440W) | 4xSFP+ | 全網管交換機 

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  • 48 Gigabit PoE+ ports with 4 10GBASE-X SFP+ uplinks
  • 550W internal power supply providing 236W of PoE budget
  • 2 slots for modular power supplies (1+1 redundancy and/or EPS share)
  • Any APS350Wv1, APS600Wv2, APS920Wv1, or APS2000Wv1 can be used
  • The PoE budget can reach 1,440W, the redundant PoE budget can also reach 1,440W
  • Virtual Chassis stacking provides non-stop forwarding (NSF) and hitless failover
  • Layer 3 feature set includes static, policy-based, and dynamic routing
  • NETGEAR IGMP Plus™, AV User Interface, and Engage Controller speed up AV installations


  • 有限終身硬件保修 (Limited Lifetime Warranty)

    配置簡單、易用、為AV PROS 而設

    將PRO WIFI 推至 最佳效能

    突破性的AV GUI ‧ 時尚、静音設計 ‧ 自动配置